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  • What is Ferris?
    Ferris is a website and app which aims to connect people who want to de-clutter their homes with people who want to pick things up for free.
  • How do I add my item to the app?
    Whilst in the app, click the middle circle on the bottom, this will take you to the correct 'give' page. From here simply add an image by pressing ‘choose file’, add a name, description, and category of what you want to give away and ‘post now’.
  • How do I request an item I've seen?
    On the 'product page' scroll down to under the map and click 'Request from *name*'. From here you can ask if the item is still available and if so arrange a day and time to pick up the item.
  • I can't login to my account/ I am getting an error logging in
    If you are having issues logging in, logout of your account and reset your password using the 'forgotten password button' here:
  • How can I share safety?
    Most people on Ferris are absolutely amazing- giving and getting items for free and keeping them out of landfill. However, on occasion there will be users are trying to scam people out of money. Please follow these rules to ensure you remain safe on Ferris: -Never pay for anything on Ferris. This includes people who want to post you an item- there are scammers who try to get money this way on Ferris and other similar platforms -Never message outside the Ferris platform- we can't control or monitor what happens on email or through text messages -If the offer is too good to be true- be cautious. -If you don't want to share your item at your property that's absolutely fine- you can agree to meet somewhere else in public
  • How can I edit an item?
    Click on one of your products and scroll to the bottom of the description page and press ‘edit’. You can only edit an item on our website and not the app right now.
  • How can I delete an item?
    If you have given the item away on Ferris, you can go to the message where you were talking to the person who you gave the item away to and press 'mark as reserved' this will delete the item and mark it as given away in your profile. If you just want to delete an item you didn't give away on Ferris go to on a desktop computer and click on the item and press delete the item at the bottom of the item page. Please note this will change the item to 'inactive', but it is deleted on the app.
  • How does Ferris make money?
    Currently Ferris is concentrating on making the best possible experience for our users and saving as many items as possible from landfill. In future we will be looking at ways to make money through a few different ways including advertising to make sure we can keep providing a great experience for free.
  • How do I delete my account?
    Go to the profile page, scroll down and press ‘Delete Account’. You can find the page here: You can only delete your account on our website and not the app right now. If you have any feedback on how we can do better please send it to:
  • How can I help spread the word about Ferris?
    We’d love for you to spread the word to your friends and family. Once you upload an item you can share it with other people or simply just send them the website- and they can sign up from here.
  • How do I reset my password?
    Select 'Forgotten Password' in the Login section of the app.
  • How do I report a user?
    There is a report function on all profiles and all product pages.
  • Can I sell or buy an item?
    No. Ferris exists completely for free sharing.
  • What can I give away on Ferris?
    Pretty much anything legal! We don't accept any food, drink, or living things.
  • How to I change my address/ Postcode
    -Go into the Ferris app or website and click profile -From here press 'edit profile' which can be found under the map -Change your postcode and click 'update' Your address/ postcode will now be updated.
  • What do I do if I am getting an error on the app or website?
    Please get in touch by emailing As we are adding new features and trying to improve the experience, sometimes things can go wrong, so we really appreciate you getting in touch so we can fix this ASAP. If the error occurs when you press 'reply now' try logging into the app and going straight to the product or chat.
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