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The art of decluttering: 5 tips

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

Decluttering is an exercise that we all have wade through from time to time, as most of us don’t have rooms and rooms of excess space. Even the ones that do will end up having to declutter, I bet you!


Make it manageable. Very often the thought of decluttering seems so daunting that many of us will delay, delay, and once more delay again. If, though, you break up your decluttering ambition into manageable, bitesized chunks, you’re a lot more likely to succeed. In the case of your wardrobe you may want to have a ‘shirt day’ or a ‘dress day’, slowly navigating through the rest of your wardrobe and unwanted items over time.

Screening process

Screen your wardrobe. Run through your clothes, piece by piece. Question yourself on every item of clothing as to when they were last worn, and how many times they were worn over the previous 12 months (if possible!). This will give you a pile of clothes that have been seldom worn. It is now up to your discipline and ruthlessness to decide what stays and what goes. This can of course be applied to other areas of the house, including the kitchen, the play area or the living room.

Would you buy it now?

Another angle to take is to line up items shortlisted for decluttering and ask yourself a simple, but effective question. How much would you pay for this item now? Asking yourself this question will highlight how important this item is to you now. Was it part of a fleeting fad that you regretfully partook in? A hobby that you never had the time and motivation to commit to? Or is there a newer, better version out there that you want so much more? If you answer is yes to any of the above (or some other questions you think of!), then your decluttering pile will start to grow...


We all love a good game, so why not inject a gamey challenge into the dreaded decluttering mission? You could, for example, give away one item per week. This will keep your clutter in check, and at the same time give you that warm fuzzy feeling that many of us crave, the one we get when by carry out a good deed.

Post it all on Ferris

Whatever approach you choose to adopt, items you choose to give away can be posted on Ferris, be it a sofa, an old frock, a piano or a caravan (yes we've had one of those too!).

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