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Decluttering: The Mental Health Benefits

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

The Ferris Team have been on an epic journey of decluttering while reducing waste, and along the way have made some interesting discoveries on the benefits to mental health of decluttering.

When you declutter, you find those hidden gems!

While decluttering, you'll often come across those things that you hadn't seen in years. It could be that shirt you loved that got caught in a bundle on the floor of a cupboard, or that lovely watch stuffed in the back of a drawer somewhere. Decluttering can become a treasure hunt too! This sense of surprise and serendipidy can boost your mood and energy levels.

Decluttering makes for a peaceful household

It's well-known that mess can create tension. Very quickly, clutter can start an argument with your partner or cause frustration that's directed at your little ones. This creates stress, which can be avoided through a quick decluttering session.

Decluttering creates a sense of achievement

And rightly so! Well done you - you've cleared your space, made some big decisions and the result is right there in front of you for all to see! Completing any task successfully can boost confidence and mood - you're a capable successful adult!

Clearing clutter can reduce anxiety

We are built to enjoy order, and hence when we are surrounded by a chaotic environment this can cause stress and anxiety. Decluttering can help create some order and hence reduce the risk of developing stress and anxiety when at home.

Decluttering can help rest the mind

By getting through some at-home decluttering, you can give your mind a break from challenging work, be it those dreaded zoom meetings or spreadsheet blindness. An unchallenging session of decluttering can leave room for inspiration and aid problem-solving.

Clear clutter and burn calories

As well as resting your mind, these decluttering sessions can help you get a little pocket of exercise into your day. This in turn can boost energy levels, meaning you're burning calories and fueling the brain at the same time!

Finally, decluttering responsibly is a great way to get that warm glow after you do something good. Try posting some stuff on Ferris and make someone else's day!


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