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Decluttering your home: 6 amazing benefits

Updated: Nov 11, 2022

Decluttering our homes has long been a source of satisfaction, but as top advocates the team at Ferris wanted to run you a through all the reasons why decluttering is so great.

#1 - Space

Many of us mere mortals always have a shortage of space, and clutter is the enemy of space. Decluttering can open up space for that bedside table you always wanted, or that chair you for that corner spot.

Tip #2 - Mental health

Health always comes first, so when we find a good way to improve well-being we jump on it! A study in the US found that over half of those surveyed were overwhelmed by their clutter. Getting rid of stuff and creating a clean environment reduces anxiety and makes us a little happier.

"Over half of those surveyed felt overwhelmed by clutter"

Tip #3 - Save £ in square footage

Decluttering doesn't just mean you're saving space - you're saving money (sort of!) the cost per square foot in London is £729 on average - that's one small bag of clothes! You're basically making money just by decluttering!

Tip #4 - Habit - use stuff more

Using less stuff more allows you get better quality items. This can also lead to increased satisfaction - not only are you plagued by less choice, your choice is of higher quality!

Tip #5 - Finding lost gems

When you declutter, you often find items you'd forgotten you had. It could be that shirt you thought was gone for good, or book that was given to you three birthdays ago. These finds can create a sense of serendipity and abundance that can boost your mood!

Tip #6 - Climate benefit

Less stuff and less cleaning means a better climate. We all need to get used to consuming less stuff in the battle against climate change.

Start your decluttering mission today and post once-loved items on Ferris. Make someone else's day, and make your day too :)


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