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How to Turn Black Friday Into Green Friday: 4 Sustainable Steps

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

It’s that time of year again.

Every November, the internet and highstreets go into a frenzy, as we welcome in the discount season of all discount seasons. Black Friday. Cyber Monday. And whatever other random days brands decided to capitalise on!

If you’re trying to be more eco-friendly in your everyday life, it can feel like a total minefield. The tempting deals that many of us choose to make the most of mean more natural resources used, more greenhouse gases produced in transportation and, often, items bought that end up in landfill a few months later.

Don’t stress though, we have some simple steps to navigating Black Friday with a green touch.

Step 1: Get strategic!

Don’t go into sale shopping blind. Whilst your kitchen may be full to bursting with gadgets, those yellow labels could have you snapping up an air fryer, a Kitchen Aid and a UV steriliser before you even know it…

We understand that many people use the sales as a chance to nab items that they otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford. So we won’t tell you to completely boycott them (though, that is one option). Instead, only buy items that you truly need by planning out what you want to find in advance. This means you’ll get things that you’ll love and cherish, instead of bargains that you’ll want to throw away in no time.

Step 2: Support sustainable brands

There are countless brands out there that are doing good for the planet. From slow fashion companies, to vegan food producers, all of these eco-warriors deserve our support.

If accessible to you, choose to shop their sales instead of those of larger, more planet-damaging retailers. And don’t get angry if your favourite small business doesn’t participate either! The bigger the company, the more they can afford to slash prices.

Step 3: Freecycle instead

Does something still count as a bargain if it’s totally free?

Save yourself the sweat, the struggle and some serious cash by choosing to freecycling this Black Friday. Use the Ferris app to browse through previously-loved items that people in your area are giving away. Not only does this mean that you get the thrill of something new without a hit to your wallet, but you’ll also be helping to negate overconsumption by not buying brand new.

Step 4: Use it as a chance to declutter

Talking of overconsumption, here’s an idea for anyone that really wants to put a middle finger up to the planet-polluting ways of big businesses this month.

Instead of buying new, why not use it as a chance to let go of the old? From your wardrobe to your kitchen cupboards, hunt down the items that you don’t love anymore. But don’t just throw them away! Post them to Ferris so that someone else can take them off your hands and get themselves some sustainably-sourced goodies for free.

Good for the planet. Good for your space. Good for the community.

Now that sounds like a much better way to spend a Friday in November, doesn't it?


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