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Here’s How to Go Zero-Waste on Food (The Simple Way!)

We all know that moment of shame: Chucking away a wilted bag of spinach or having to throw out a pot of houmous that you didn’t even end up opening…

At Ferris, waste is one of our least favourite things. That’s why the team has come together with our best hacks for minimising it in the kitchen, without the stress. Plus, with these tricks, you’ll probably save yourself angst and money at the same time! You can totally thank us later.

  1. Keep local

Buying food that is grown close to where you live is a great way to reduce food waste and save a few pennies at the same time. The items will likely be fresher as they have spent less time travelling and cheaper because they’re in season.

Now that’s what we call a win-win.

  1. Consider your storage

Making sure you put the right food in the right place is absolutely key. For instance, not all items are best kept in the fridge to stay fresh. Sometimes a cool cupboard or corner is more effective. Think of potatoes, for example!

Plus, did you know that fruits and vegetables should be stored separately in the fridge? This will stop your veg from ripening and then going off too quickly.

3. Check the real best before date

These dates can very often be overly cautious, leading to unnecessary waste. 'Best before' means exactly that: Not that food can’t be eaten, but that it might be slightly past its prime.

Use your nose and eyes as a guide - in general, if you see mould or smell something suspect, then that's the time to toss it!

4. Make a list

Making a list before doing a weekly shop is a super simple but effective way of reducing food waste. Often, we go out and buy duplicates as we can't remember what’s actually in our kitchen already!

So, check what’s in your fridge, your freezer and your cupboards before making note of what you really need to buy.

5. Have a refresh strategy

Okay, so you planned on using your bananas in packed lunches and then just…didn’t. You don’t need to throw them away! Instead, find a recipe for those browning beauties, like a banana bread.

You’ll be surprised at how simple it is to refresh your plans for certain ingredients if they’re soon to go off.

They may sound simple, but we promise these tips are oh-so-effective too. And if they help to reduce some of the 9.5 million tonnes of food waste we create here in the UK each year, we consider that a win.


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