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4 Amazing Apps to Give You a Helping Hand During the Cost of Living Crisis

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

If the cost of living is on your mind, you’re certainly not alone.

With everything from weekly shops, to petrol fill-ups costing more, it’s hard to not feel stressed about just how far our money now has to stretch. In fact, more than 16 million Brits are said to have cut back on food and essentials as a result.

Now, we’re not here to suggest that we have a solution to this ongoing crisis (...erm, government, isn’t that your job?). However, we do like to think that we’re pretty seasoned when it comes to saving cash here and there. We’re basically freecycle pros!

These 4 apps are permanent fixtures on our phones, perfect for using when we need to save a penny or two. Plus, many have added environmental benefits too.

Starbucks. Greggs. Toby Cavery!

These are just a few of the big-name brands that work with Too Good To Go. Together, they’re on a mission to rid the food industry of unnecessary waste. Whilst many cafes and restaurants end up throwing away leftover goodies at the end of the day, this clever little app offers heavily discounted bags of food to prevent just that.

That means that you can get yourself a selection of tasty treats, chosen for you and at a fraction of their usual price. Just be ready to claim them quickly so that you don’t miss out!

Hey. That’s us!

Jumping aboard the freecycle train has never been simpler.

At Ferris, we give you the opportunity to effortlessly search through hundreds of items that people are giving away in your area. From pianos to phones and from sofas to shoes, everything is completely free.

On top of keeping items out of landfill, there’s no haggling, bidding or working out shipping costs. Just nearby freebies to keep your wallet happy.

Plus, if you decide to declutter with us, you get rewarded for doing good. We’re partnered with sustainable brands to get you access to bespoke discounts and free gifts as a “thank you”. Yep. That’s more money saved!

There’s little more heartbreaking than realising something in your fridge is nearing the end of its days and you don’t have the time to use it.

Olio is changing the way that we manage food waste, so that it never becomes “waste” in the first place. Whether it’s a bag of spinach destined for the bin, or a loaf that’s on its way out, you can simply list the item and neighbours can come and get it before it goes off. That way, you have a clear conscience and they get a foodie freebie.

Of course, it works both ways - You can find yourself the perfect addition to your dinner too!

We’ve certainly felt the impacts of rising costs when it comes to our weekly shop. And whilst switching to supermarket own brands and meal planning is all good and well, sometimes you want a treat.

Shopmiuim offers you the chance to get exclusive discounts and even free items through their app. Simply sign up, browse their offers based on where you shop and then snap a picture of your receipt after purchasing. They’ll then send you cashback to complete the offer.

It’s a great way to try name brand personal care, food and drink products, with a cheeky discount.

Love any of these apps? Don’t forget to rate them and leave a review to support their work. We appreciate every kind word that we get here at Ferris! You can leave a review on Ferris here.


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