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Freecycle with Ferris

Share second hand items in London.
Freecycle & help the environment. 

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Ferris makes it dead easy to declutter your home. Simply upload an image and short description of what you want to give away. Then sit back and wait for people to message you saying when they can pick it up. 

Search through hundreds of items available to pickup in your area. We've had sofas, clothes, pianos, mobile phones and video games all given away. Remember, everything on Ferris is always free.

Ferris is rewarding you for doing good. Not only do you get all of the great karma of making people happy, Ferris are working with sustainable brands to give you access to rewards when you freecycle.

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Sharing is caring.
Remember when you're mum told you to share? Well she was right. Ferris makes it easy to share for free. Anything from clothes to sofas, electronics to caravans (yes we had one) to good to freecycle.

Buying is boring.

Haggling on price, organising postage and packaging, bidding for stuff... Yawn. We make it dead easy by only allowing people close by to freecycle.

Landfill is so last year. 

Sharing items is not only good for your pockets, it keeps items out of landfill and means less new stuff has to be made. Goodbye landfill, hello planet.

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Really good app for passing on my preloved items, glad they could go to a good home!


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