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With tens of thousands of amazing members, Ferris is a great place to tell your story and create engagement for your brand.

This is why we've worked with some awesome brands including Holland and Barratt and Volkswagen. Advertise with us and we have packages going from modest to super sonic.

We only work with brands that share a similar ethos, so get in touch below to find out more about Ferris and whether we could be a good fit for each other.

Case Study

Greater London Authority

London Behaviour Change

The Greater London Authority hired Ferris to roll out one of London’s first ultra low waste zones in West London

The aim of the ultra low waste zone is to “create a replicable model for neighbourhoods that genuinely transforms residents and business relationship with stuff and sees wider social and economic benefits as a result.”

Ferris have just kicked off the project, starting with a combination of digital marketing strategies which will be tested, measured and iterated

Over the course of the project we will test hundreds of techniques, creatives and methodologies to maximise behaviour change in the area

“Ferris hit the sweet spot being able to authentically talk to their audiences about both sustainability and the cost of living crisis."

Guy Jones, Director of the Goodnet

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